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This classic pearl of a mountain hike peaks in popularity amongst local as well as tourist, an estimated 35000 hikers a year! Accessible from spring to autumn, the peak season is July and August, where the boat is available to give you a ride one way…

Bucket-list classic

The trip itself is 17km long, bringing you from 994 to 1743 meters above sea level. The average hiker spends between 5 to 7 hours, although the record speed is 1hr14min, still standing from the 1960’s…versus up to 12 hours slow speed… What makes this hike so unique? Mid way through the hike, you will enter onto the “Eggen” or a knife formation of the mountain. It is a narrow, upwards (could also be hiked downwards of course) stretch offering a magnificent view. On you one side is the Gjende lake (994msl) with its characteristic green color as a result of water melting from surrounding glaciers versus the Bess lake (1374msl) with a icy blue color on the other side. The majority of hikers ride the boat from Gjende to Memurubu, situated half way across the Gjende lake.
If you choose to continue the boat ride, you will reach Gjendebu, home to another pearl, Bukkelægeret. Part of this hike, the “Buckride”, famed through Peer Gynt by Henrik Ibsen and featured through music by Edvard Grieg, is amongst the most amazing experiences in the world and within your reach!
Visit gjende.no for boat schedule and to pre-book your ticket!
From Lemonsjø Fjellstue & Hyttegrend, calculate a good 45 minutes drive (35km), plus parking time – a good hour during peak season to be on the safe side. 
Should you which or if you visit outside the main season, options to the boat are available; Back and forth in one go, however, this is extensive. You could also return half way, after reaching the “Eggen”. Over the mountain one way and along the lake back, about 8-10 hours. Hike to the Bess lake, up the “Eggen and down to Gjende, about 7 hours.
Have a safe trip, remember right equipment and do not underestimate the mountains!
Henrik Ibsen skriv om Bukkerittet i Peer Gynt. Her heter det Gjendin-eggen , men kjært barn har gjerne mange navn! Uansett – nyt turen, og nyt litteraturen!

”Har du sett den, Gjendineggen noen gang? Den er halve milen lang, hvass bortefter, som en ljå. Utfor breer, skred og lider, rakt nedover under grå, kan en se til begge sider lukt i vannene, som blunder svarte, tunge, mer enn trettenhundre alen nedenunder.”

FOTO: Terje Rakke

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