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Our hearts go into good food: traditional, classic Norwegian, local, homemade, generous and tasty.

Culinary Pleasure

The restaurant comprises 80 seats and is frequented by locals, tourists and travellers alike. Our hearts go into good food: traditional, classic Norwegian, local, homemade, generous and tasty. We offer a la carte service assuring flexibility for our guests. In the salon, the atmosphere is relaxing with 45 seats and an old fire place.

Through more than 40 years in the business, we have built a strong kitchen with a good reputation. Our foundation is knowledge of produce, focus on quality and production all based on a strong belief in sustainability. We do not use any pre-prepared products and can easily cater to any dietary needs. Our modern kitchen, a new building adjacent to the lodge, provides the perfect environment for culinary adventures. Lemonsjø Fjellstue & Hyttegrend is a family business where Marit Haugen Furuset, the owner herself, is to be found in the kitchen. Tor-Ivar, second generation Furuset, is a certified chef, carrying on and further developing our culinary focus.

Local and Norwegian is at the centre of our selection at all times. Norwegian beef, mountain trout, wild gem like rendeer, moos and deer, cured meet, “Rømmegrøt” – Norwegian sour cream porridge and classical Norwegian meatballs is at offer, varied throughout the season. A rich selection of desserts, homemade cakes, on the spot prepared sandwiches and of course waffles to enjoy anytime. Children gets small portions along with some special kid’s items.

We can cater for all kinds of events and are fully licensed with a rich selection of quality wines, classic beer brands and a choice of local brewery production. A celebration or event at Lemonsjø promises to be a memorable experience, just as wonderful in winter as summer. We also offer a catering service for small or large functions.

We focus on responsible operation and are a licenced trainee establishment. We have at all time two trainees that gives a lot of joy and keeps us focused of new trends in the business of food and beverage. We also choose to employ local youth that works our operation during peak season and throughout the year providing our guest a real, local, Norwegian sensation.

So, whether driving through the area, enjoying the nature or staying with us, a meal at Lemonsjø is the perfect treat! Looking forward to welcome you.

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