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About Lemonsjøen

Lemonsjøen, situated in the midst of Jotunheimen, enjoys pristine nature, quiet yet spectacular surroundings combined with local heritage.

About Lemonsjøen

Lemonsjøen, situated in the midst of Jotunheimen, enjoys pristine nature, quiet yet spectacular surroundings combined with local heritage.

Lemonsjø Fjellstue & Hyttegrend, a mountain lodge with cosy cabins, is situated 863 meters above sea level at the south end of the beautiful Lemonsjøen lake along FV 51 Valdresflya road, the gate to Sjodalen and in the heart of Jotunheimen. Sjodalen is a magnificent valley travelling through the majestic mountain plateaus of Jotunheimen, home to the tallest Norwegian mountains. The Lemonsjøen area consist of Lemonsjø Fjellstue & Hyttegrend, Kalven Seter, Skarå Camping, Lemonsjø Alpinsenter as well as the private cabin areas of Lemonsjøen Fjellpark, Slomba, Gråhølia and Luseter. 3 kilometres further south, in the direction of Sojdalen, you find the mountain community of Randsverk and Randsverk Camping.

Summer time, Lemonsjø Fjellstue & Hyttegrend represents the perfect base for the traditional trips like Geiranger, Trollstigen, Sognefjorden, Jotunheimen, Rondane og Dovrefjell all representing the most magnificent of Norwegian nature. Well known mountain hikes like Besseggen, Galdhøpiggen, Glitretind and Knudshø is situated about an hour drive away. Or, let the car rest and enjoy the nature outside your doorstep. Trollhø mountain peak is a brisk 45 minutes walk and offers a stunning view of the Jotunheimen and Rondane mountain plateaus. River rafting in Sjoa, one of the world toughest rivers, is very popular in addition to another river challenge of Canyoning. Unlimited, enjoyable nature is at offer, why not enhance the experience from the horseback? Brimiwoods climbing park, Glittersjå Mountain farm, the Peer Gynt road, National Tourist Road Valdresflya, nature and cultural walk Hulderstigen, Ridderspranget – heritage gem of the Sjoa river, Synshorn Via Ferrata, iconic Bitihorn and bustling Beitostølen are all easily accessible adventures awaiting you.

Randsverk Caom-lemonsjoenmping offer bike rental and features a small, basic shop. Kalven Seter, urban coffee bar situated at an old summer farm offers activities for kids. The Gråhø troll is a popular feature for hiking kids as well as the Sculpture stop at the shore of the lake. The mountain trout can be caught in the lakes and if desired, bird hunting is popular in the autumn. Just make sure to have the required licenses. Or simply enjoy the beautiful colors as day’s gets colder and the sky turns pure and clear blue!

Lemonsjø Fjellstue & Hyttegrend arranges boat rental at 5 different mountain lakes and features an extensive hiking trail network as well as good trails for mountain biking.


Wintertime, Lemonsjøen turns into a winter wonderland. We dare to say that here you can find some of the World’s Best Cross Country Adventure! The area surrounding the lodge offers more than 150 km of prepared and well-marked trails. The Jotunheimen trail connects the area from Brimi to the north, with Lemonsjøen, Randsverk, Sjodalen with Hindseter, Bessheim and Gjende in the south. An annual cross-country competition is arranged by the local sports club each winter, “Heimfjelløpet”. Trollhøe peek is perfect for those who want to test Randone equipment, but also accessible by ordinary cross-country skis. Take the kids along, here you get help from the ski lift for the way up!

Lemonsjø Alpinsenter brings you to 1250m in a 1400 m long ski lift with 5 spectacular slopes, in addition to a freestyle park featuring small and big jumps and waste “off-piste” areas. Designated 150m children’s slope in a protected area. Large parking facilities accommodating up to 400 cars and an inviting café. Lemonsjø Alpinsenter is the homebase of TrollhøHøkkers, a freeriding team with world-class skiers and the annual Vågå Freeride Invitational. Loads of activities during Eastertime, especially for the kids!

The area offers numerous opportunities for winter activities in fresh nature. Or simply treasure the silence, enjoy the magical moonlight and maybe experience the powerful Northern Lights play in winter night sky! During the winter the local reindeer herd visits the area for feeding and offers an amazing sight. The moos, known as the king of the forest, crosses the ski tracks daily, to the joy of lucky skiers.

Lemonsjø Fjellstue & Hyttegrend offers cross-country ski and pulk rental. At the ice-covered lake we arrange mountain curling.

tor-ivar-furuset-februar-2011Traditional villages, history and culture

The traditional villages of Vågå and Lom in Ottadalen, comprises a rich cultural history, two of the oldest churches in Norway and flourishing communities! The Mountain Centre in Lom offers national park history and information as well as the Climate Park 2469 by Juvasshytta, the Stone Center and a popular bakery. In Vågå you can follow Edvart Munch’s footsteps through the Munch rout and visit the beautiful restored gardens of Ullinsvin.Foto : Kari Fossen



Lillehammer is our closest town; a mere 2 hours’ drive to the south. Take time out for a stop and visit the Olympic memoirs.

At Lemonsjø Fjellstue & Hyttegrend we are happy to help planning your trip either north, south, east or west…just ask.


And remember – the mountains always do you good!

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