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Our history

Our history

The Lodge about 1970

Lemonsjø Fjellstugu & Hyttegren is a family business, owned and run by the Furuset family since 1978. A long time which to own and run their own place brought the family from the Oslo region to this pearl in the Norwegian mountains.

The mountain lodge was originally founded and first build in 1958 to accommodate travelers and tourist in this picturesque part of our country. It consisted at the time of 10 rooms and a café with 40 seats. The place was run in this state more or less until the family Furuset bought the place in 1978.

Since that time, the main building has been renovated and upgraded through several stages. The café and the salon, which includes a traditional fireplace, has today significantly larger capacity. The rooms have been combined to 4 units with all facilities expected by the modern traveller. And the latest addition is a modern kitchen that was completed to the Easter season 2007.

10 modern and comfortable cabins were added in 1985. Again, these have got a newly renovated kitchen in 2005. At the end of 2015 a new round of renovation included the floors, bathrooms and added dishwashers to all the kitchens. Soft refurbishment is an ongoing process.

In conjunction with renovation and maintenance, we pride our self in keeping our facilities clean and appealing at all times. Our guest’s regularly comments on this fact!

Cross country skiing and trails has been a core product of Lemonsjøen since 1978. In the beginning, tracks where prepared using a simple snow scooter, later in cooperation with the local sports teams and tourism establishments in the area. In 2005 the “Vågåfjell Turløyper” (Vågå Mountain trails) organization was formed, now featuring a top modern trail machine, covering an extensive trail network comprising the areas of Lemonsjøen-Brimi, Hindseter and upper Sjodalen.

The ski lift at Lemonsjøen was built in 1985. Jotunheimen Active It c/o Kjetil Villa from Vågå bought, expanded, and have successfully operated the company since 1998. It is today the base of the world renowned freerider club Trollhø Høkkers.

The areas of Lemonsjøen and Luseter has been popular second homes / cottages areas since way back. Since 2004, a major expansion has taken place adding about 800 beds to the area in the form of private cottages. Majestic, accessible nature is the key ingredients and main attraction.

Many tourists and travellers have visited Lemonsjø Fjellstue & Hyttegrend, some once, some regularly. We appreciate this and hope to see you again soon!


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