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Viewpoint Trollhøe

The view from the top is stunning and embraces three national parks; Jotunheimen to the west, Rondane to the east and Dovre to the north.

Viewpoint Trollhøe

Trollhøe (1372 moh) is located between the Tesse and Lemonsjø in Vågå Municipality. The hike is relatively easy, «suitable for everyone” and available both summer and winter. At the top you will find the viewpoint, a disk of 39 points, including distance and altimeter. Place your face down to the disc, “view” towards the desired point using the directional tip at the center. The view from the top is stunning and embraces 3 national parks; Jotunheimen in the west, Rondane in the east and Dovre to the north!

Tour description

In summer, the route starting at Lemonsjø Fjellstue & Hyttegrend (863 m.o.h.) is the fastest access. The path leads over to Kalven Seter before it continues uphill towards Geithøe. This is the tough part of the hike where frequent breaks are recommended, coupled with observations of the rapidly changing views. From Geithøe, the trail takes offers a gentler pace towards the Kalvdalen rift where the Lemonsjø and Randsverk paths join course.  After crossing the plateau, an astonishing view of the Tesse lake and rough rock formations in the background is revieled. The path then takes a right turn turn up the last, slightly steep part towards the top. The trail is well marked and easy to find.

From Trollhøe, there are several descent possibilities – back to Lemonsjøen, down to Randsverk or via Hesthaugjern. Trollhøe – Hesthaugtjern has no trail and is not marked…experience the “feeling of flying” down the mosscladded hillside whilst the view of Lemonsjøen and Tesse guides the way. From Hesthaugjern the trail continues to Valdeseter and back to Lemonsjøen through a lush, vibrant cultural landscape. The rout to Randsverk goes through Kalvdalen, past Pina and down to the campsite, also a well-marked path.

Winter time Trollhøe is accessible with cross-country skis, with partly prepared trails to Hestahugtjern, snowshoes or Randone-equipment’s. For some extra help, ride the ski lift up the steep part!


  • Trollhøe (1372 moh)
  • Sikteskive med 39 punkter
  • Utsikt mot Jotunheimen, Rondane og Dovre nationalparker
  • Helårstur
  • Gangavstand fra Lemonsjø Fjellstue & Hyttegrend
  • 500 høydemeter, 7 km. Ca 3 timer
Viewpoint Trollhøe, founded on a dream, realized December 16, 2017 and officially opened on 28 June 2018.

Thanks from Lemonsjø Fjellstue & Hyttegrend, Randsverk AS and Jotunheimen Lemonsjø Alpinsenter to:
Bakke Stålprodukter v / Øistein Bakke, MD Design v / Merethe Dagsgard
Statens Kartverk v / Trond Espelund, Jotunheimen Bre and Fjellføring v / Morten Skjellen-Larsen
Vågå Fjellstyre v / Knut Øyjordet

Realized with funding from:
Sparebankstiftelsen DNB
Vågå Municipality

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