Activities at Lemonsjøen

Jotunheimen and Lemonsjøen offer experiences and activities all year round!

Summer and Autumn at Lemonsjøen

Veslevassfjellet utsikt

Doorstep tours

Our local area offers great hiking opportunities and fantastic views of Jotunheimen and Rondane.


Kalven seats

Urban coffee shop with pleasant activities a stone's throw from Lemonsjø Fjellstue. A visit to Baristabudeie is recommended!



Bike&Hike Jotunheimen, guided tours, Mjølkevegen, Lemonsjø Bike Mountain... Speed in the mountains!


Glitter peaks

Glittertind, our second highest mountain, is perhaps one of Norway's most beautiful and wildest hikes...

Sjoa Rafting a.s.

Rafting and canyoning

Rafting in Sjoa and canyoning in Veo, exciting activities we really recommend!


Boat rental and fishing

Bring your fishing rod and try your luck in Lemonsjøen or other good fishing waters nearby.

Turgåere på vei opp Besseggen med utsikt over Gjende.


Besseggen, a legendary adventure and experience of a lifetime. Adventurously beautiful!


The guest boat

"Mountain cruise" over emerald green water between mighty mountains. Book your ticket here (external link)



"Join us in the ice 7000 years eighteen in time" At the foot of Galdhøpiggen (external link)



A refreshing dip in crystal clear, pure mountain water! The temperature varies, the possibilities are many.


Moose safari

The king of the forest is an amazing sight! Our area is rich in wildlife and we offer our guests self-guided tours during the summer.


Jotunheimen National Park

In 1862, Aasmund Olavsson Vinje named these mountains "Jøtunheimen".

Viewpoint Trollhøe

Trollhøe (1372 m) is an unknown gem located between the mountain lakes Tesse and Lemonsjøen in Vågå Municipality. The trip up is relatively easy, "suitable for everyone" and accessible in both summer and winter.

At the top, you'll find a 39-point visibility disc - the view from the top is fantastic and encompasses 3 national parks; Jotunheimen in the west, Rondane in the east and Dovre to the north!

Winter on Lemonsjøen

Mot Lemonsjøen Alpinsenter

Cross country skiing

Cross-country skiing mecca right outside the door! Beautiful terrain, varied trails, magical views that encompass Jotunheimen and Rondane.



Adventurous threat opportunities! Suitable for all conditions. Follow the trail or contact us for today's snowshoeing recommendation...



Jotunheimen Lemonsjøen Alpinsenter offers great slopes, fantastic views and thrilling jumps!

Foto Terje Rakke / Nordic Life


From Austria to Lemonsjøen! Fun activity, we facilitate for our guests - must be booked in advance.


Dog sledding

A husky sled ride through the snowy landscape is an experience of a lifetime! Here with Jotunheimen as a backdrop.

Egne spor ved Lemonsjøosen

The Heimfjell race

Heimfjelløpet - a ski race for everyone! Vågå I.L. arrange the race with classes for everyone
(external link).