Family-run mountain lodge with traditional cabins, hotel rooms, classic Norwegian cuisine, mountain, nature and cultural experiences.

A gem in Jotunheimen


Mandag - Lørdag 11.00-21.00
Søndag 11.00-19.00


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Accommodation in warm beds

Experience an honest, Norwegian cabin holiday! Alternatively, comfortable hotel rooms or modern apartments with views of Jotunheimen.



Since 1978, the Furuset family has been your hosts at Lemonsjøen and we have the pleasure of welcoming you to the mountains!



Bike & Hike Jotunheimen,
guided tours, Mjølkevegen, Lemonsjø Bike Mountain...
Speed in the mountains!

Veslevassfjellet utsikt

Doorstep tours

Our local area offers great hiking opportunities and fantastic views of Jotunheimen and Rondane, don't miss Viewpoint Trollhøe!

Food & drinks

We put our soul into good food; traditional, classic Norwegian, local, homemade and tasty. With a modern kitchen and a la carte dining, it offers the flexibility we want you to find in the mountains. Welcome!

Viewpoint Trollhøe

Trollhøe (1372 m), an unknown gem located between the mountain lakes Tesse and Lemonsjøen in Vågå Municipality. At the top, you'll find a 39-point viewing platform with views of Jotunheimen to the west, Rondane to the east and Dovre to the north!

Art & culture

Lemonsjøen is a fantastic area in Jotunheimen with beautiful, varied nature in a vibrant cultural landscape belonging to Vågå, FjellNorge and the National Park Kingdom. In and around Lemonsjø Fjellstue & Hyttegrend you will find several cultural highlights.

Meetings & events

We have extensive experience with corporate gatherings, meetings, courses, parties and anniversaries. We can accommodate smaller groups, 25-35 people for day meetings or stays of 3-4 days. Good food, well-equipped cabins and rooms, cozy fireplace lounge and great outdoor recreation and activity opportunities. We customize with you every step of the way!