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Jotunheimen Cross-Country

Unique Experience

The cross-country tracks in the area invites to a great trip regardless of physical fitness level. Easy, short trips as well as the long distances are available, over rough mountain terrain or through the gentler forest areas. The tracks are prepared and maintained during the months of December to April each year, extendable if conditions permit. Majority of the distance have double tracks and skating tracks are available at selected distances.

The classic round around the lake offers 14 kilometres of varied terrain and views – Joutunheimen peeks and Rondane giants provides picturesque surroundings. During rough winter days, the forest areas provides cover and makes the trip a pleasant experience. The Joutunheimen track stretches from Brimi in the north all the way to Gjende in the south, more than 60 kilometres of uninterrupted tracks.

Cross country skiing and trails has been a core product of Lemonsjøen since 1978. In the beginning, tracks where prepared using a simple snow scooter, later in cooperation with the local sports teams and tourism establishments in the area. In 2005 the “Vågåfjell Turløyper” (Vågå Mountain trails) organization was formed, now featuring a top modern trail machine, covering an extensive trail network comprising the areas of Lemonsjøen-Brimi, Hindseter and upper Sjodalen.

Information about the tracks, maps and current pictures can be found at our Facebook page as well as the ski track app of Skisporet.no. Follow the links:



Renown Norwegian photographer Terje Rakke / Nordic Life visited us the 4. of February 2016. With a temperature of -14 Celsius and wind at storm level, the sun offered few welcoming rays brightening up a rough winter day. Regardless, as the pictures proves, two local cross-country enthusiasts, Terje Jonny Sveen and Kjersti Nystuen, took him to all their favourite spots and tracks.



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